Queenstown Sea Kayaks is committed to providing Eco Friendly Adventures.  We are a small and growing company.  We back up our eco friendliness by doing the following.

  • The kayaking portion of our excursions use no fossil fuels.  The only fossil fuels we use are with our van transporting kayaks from base to and from the departure point, a distance of 3-5 kms.  We do provide hotel pick ups but only after first offering our clients the opportunity to reduce fuel usage, be eco friendly, and meet us at the departure point.

  • We do not put any waste of any kind into the lake or environment and our guides are required to remove any rubbish they encounter from the lake or surrounding area. 

  • Concerning recycling, we reuse any paper that we are able to and our office has a paper recycling facility.  Plastic milk holders are added to plastic recycling.  This is implemented at base where we have recycling facilities.

  • Kayaks and gear are maintained and used for as long as feasible to avoid creation of waste.  We have not yet had to dispose of anything.

  • As the company grows we plan to become involved in Environmental improvement programmes.

  • As and when the Wakatipu area establishes an Environmental Sustainability Charter we will seek to become signatories to that Charter.

  • Part of the commentary our guides give to clients relates to looking after the environment. The points contained in this statement are regularly under review for ways to improve how we educate our clients about the environment.

  • We do not print any documents that are not required to be printed, choosing instead to save and send electronic copy.